Sumobank Affiliates Program

Tell your Friends About Sumobank and Earn Money

It just got better on Sumobank as you can now make money from our Affiliate program…

We are keen to lead a generation of young people who are financially disciplined and we would love you to be part of this movement.

Share your unique referral link through blog posts, article guides and reviews, banners, emails, landing pages, Whatsapp, Facebook posts and tweets.

Because we want to connect and raise more happy People through our personal financial savings and investment platform, Why not tell your friends, colleagues and followers about Sumobank and make money from each person you refer.

Ok, Here is what you will do,

  • Copy your referral link from the (Affiliate Earnings) section in your account and send it to your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc to sign up and start saving on Sumobank. see image below;

sumobank affiliate program

  • You will earn 600 Naira for every successful person who registers and saves up to 7500 Naira in their account.

Is that simple!

Sumobank Payout Threshold

For every user you refer to sign up and save up to 7500 on their Sumobank account, 600 Naira affiliate earnings will be credited to your KICK Account immediately, However, all downlines who are yet to save up to 7500 Naira in their account will show ‘Pending’ in your referral dashboard.

sign up

And Start Earning!

Guess What? We made things way easier for you.

Click here to get Free affiliate promotional materials/swipes to help you drive quality leads and traffic to sign up through you.

If you are a good writer, you can go ahead and make your reviews so people can read your work before creating their savings account with us.

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